Self-Gift These Finds From eBay This Christmas Because TBH You Deserve It

Take some time this year to celebrate you

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Look, we’ve all been through it in 2020. It’s been a true garbage fire of a year. But it’s almost Christmas! Finally, something to celebrate. You can look forward a break from work, time with your family, holidays to somewhere tropical and… socks and jocks under the tree.

Why don’t you take some time this year to celebrate you? It’s called self-care, sweetie. Even if you’re blessed with a family full of thoughtful gift-givers, you deserve to spoil yourself. We’ve all earned it.

In good news, eBay has gathered some of the thriftiest, niftiest finds for self-gifting this December for Plus members, and the deals start rolling in on Monday. Check out the goods below (and note that all times are AEDT), don’t be shy.

#1 A wine pack to put the ‘silly’ in silly season

From 2pm today (Monday, December 7), you can pick up one of 60 packs of six mixed white wine varieties by VinoMofo for just $89, down from $148. Looking for more of a pick ‘n’ mix vibe? VinoMofo is also doing a six-pack of mixed wines for $99, down from $158. Cheers!

#2 Some flashy new bluetooth headphones

Tuesday brings eBay’s $1 Edition sale day. There will be 300 pairs of AWEI WT50 Sport Wireless Bluetooth Earphones and 700 pairs of Bluedio Hi Wireless Bluetooth Earphones up for grabs from 2pm on Tuesday. Who cares about the percentage of the discount, they’re $1*!

#3 Some even flashier Bluetooth headphones

If you’re quick, you’ll be able to snap up a pair of 2nd Gen Apple AirPods with a Charging Case for just $99 on Wednesday, a 60 percent discount off their usual price of $250. There are 1000 pairs going on sale throughout the day – 250 sets each at 10am, 12pm, 2pm and 4pm.

#4 This trampoline for your yard

Sure, you tell the kids it’s for them. Just wait till they go to bed and you’ll get your turn on the 8ft trampoline with kids’ enclosure, 200 of which are selling for $169, down 40 percent from $279.95. They’ll be selling from 2pm Thursday. If only I could fit this in my apartment…

#5 Christmas-themed Monopoly

Add some board games to your Christmas, and add some Christmas to your board games. Who doesn’t love a round of Monopoly over the break? There’ll be 100 of these babies for sale from 2pm Thursday at nearly half price: $29, down from $58.95.

#6 A new shaver set

Upgrade your personal grooming tools with this Braun Series 6 Wet & Dry Shaver. Let’s face it, your old one is probably a bit too old now. Snap one up from 200 on sale for $129, down from $189 (a 32 percent discount) from 2pm Thursday.

#7 A massage machine

If 2020 has increased your muscle tension somewhat, you’re not alone. This massage gun has four heads and promises to give those tense spots a truly deep workover. Thursday at 2pm will bring 200 of them to the sale price of $39, down 35 percent from $59.99.

#8 Vodka to lighten up your nights

This special-edition Belvedere Night Saber bottle literally lights up for a little taste of da club at home. The price on 180 bottles will be down to $49 from 2pm on Thursday, nearly 40 cheaper than the regular price of $79.99.

#9 A crowd-pleasing case of beers

On the off chance you’re doing a bunch of entertaining this silly season, it pays to have something everyone loves in the fridge. And that thing is a case of 24 Four Pines Pacific Ale beers. There’s 100 of them available from 2pm on Monday, December 7, for just $49 a pop, down from $70.

Or, if you consider yourself something of a connoisseur, grab the GABS 2020 Design Awards mixed 12-pack from Boozebud for a measly $49, down from $79.95. We’ll drink to that.

*eBay Plus member exclusive. One item per transaction, two transactions per person. While stock lasts. T&Cs apply.

**Plus exclusive. Deals dropping from 2pm AEDT on December 7, 2020, at various times and quantities. One item per person.While stock lasts. T&Cs apply.