Earthcore Festival Has Officially Cancelled Its 2018 Event

The 25th anniversary edition was supposed to be held at the end of the month.

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Australia’s longest running electronic music festival and beloved Bush Doof Earthcore has been cancelled, following the tragic death of founder Spiro Boursine.

Launched back during the peak rave era of 1993, Earthcore was set to hold its 25th anniversary edition at the end of this month with the festival announcing its cancellation and ticket sales taken down this morning.

Whilst the ticketing site merely states “Due to unforeseen and extraneous circumstances, Earthcore 2018 has been cancelled”, organisers have since confirmed to The Age that following the passing of original founder and owner Boursine, the festival could no longer continue.

“The night he passed away we found out Earthcore had granted a permit for two different sites and he was out celebrating,” says former Earthcore manager Shannon Beveridge, “Since that date we continued to try and keep it going but due to a lot of legality — with Spiro’s passing, the permit was in his name, bank accounts in his name — we couldn’t keep it going.”

45-year-old Boursine died last month whilst in police custody following an incident at a Melbourne bar. Boursine lost consciousness quickly after being apprehended and handcuffed and could not be revived.

Beveridge has confirmed to The Age that tickets will be refunded however the Earthcore website and event pages are yet to be updated with details.