A South Sudanese-Australian Family Is Blaming Peter Dutton After They Were Threatened At Home

Video shows a man in the family's front yard hurling racial slurs.

A South Sudanese-Australian has blamed Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton after his wife and children were allegedly followed home by a man hurling racial obscenities and abuse.

In a video uploaded to Facebook on Thursday, Brisbane man Dave F. Anei said the man was intent on causing his wife and two children harm following weeks of controversy over Melbourne’s alleged “African gang” crisis.

“I hold the Prime Minister Malcolm Trumbull and his Minister’s for Home Affairs Peter Dutton full responsibility for this racial attack on my family because they chose to be in the office to serve certain group of Australian communities NOT Australia as a whole country, their words was ‘tackle this #Aficangang problem’ and ‘people are afraid to go out to restaurants at night’,” Anei wrote on Facebook.

“The guy was flowing my wife and 2 children with the intention of casing them harm. They were on their way back from childcare, [luckily] I was at home to protect them.”

“Congratulations Mr Prime Minister and your Minister Dutton, you’ve achieved to create division among the community but don’t worry I taught him a very good lesson that he will never come across my property again, I’m capable of protecting my home. [sic]”

Two videos have now been posted on Facebook, showing the man at Anei’s door, threatening to rip it off its hinges and “rip [Anei’s] fucking head off”.

In a second video, the man is seen taking his shirt off as he’s asked to leave the property. He then says Anei’s “boys” have been “starting shit”, but when Anei asks him to identify the “boys”, the man cannot.

Anei attempted to calmly talk the man down, saying there’s “no need for a problem”, but the man responds by saying he doesn’t “give a fuck who your African boys are. Do you know who us Aussie cunts are?” The video appears to end with the two men involved in a scuffle in Anei’s front yard.

Queensland police have confirmed they were contacted by a man at around 9pm last night and are investigating the incident. Junkee has contacted Anei for comment.

Dutton Doubles Down On Comments

The “African gang crisis” really kicked into gear at the start of the year when Dutton, who is from Queensland and has no role in Victorian law enforcement, said Melbournians were scared to go out to dinner at night because of African gangs.

Despite those comments being rubbished by the Victorian Police Commissioner and Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews, Dutton last night doubled down, saying Andrews should apologise or resign.

The Home Affairs Minister also took aim at Victorian judges for allegedly letting offenders off with light sentences.

“Mr Andrews has taken this left-wing approach to the law and order system and it has resulted in this gang violence in Victoria,” he told Sky News.