Dua Lipa Just Dragged Richard Wilkins For Sledging Her On ‘Today’

If you come at the queen, you best not miss.

A week ago, UK popstar Dua Lipa announced she was pulling out of a string of upcoming Australian shows with Bruno Mars in order to undergo emergency dental surgery.

“I’m so sorry to have to cancel some of my support shows with Bruno,” she told fans in a statement. “I’ve been performing with an awful pain due to my wisdom teeth and as advised by my dentist and oral surgeon I have to have them imminently removed.”

She’s used the last week to rest up and recover, occasionally sharing photos of her impressively swollen jaw.

Most of her local fans have been sympathetic — after all, having your mouth cut open may impact your ability to sing — but turns out not everyone was convinced by Lipa’s story.

This morning on Channel 9’s morning show Today, longtime entertainment reporter Richard Wilkins questioned whether her reasons for pulling out of the tour were legit.

“Well get this — she was supposed to be in Australia opening up for Bruno Mars at his 24 Karat world tour, and had to cancel due to having her wisdom teeth out,” Wilkins exclaimed. “But here she is on Jimmy Kimmel Live!”

Wilkins then showed a clip of Lipa performing her single ‘IDGAF’ on Kimmel last night, apparently delighted he’d caught the popstar in the vicious lie.

There was just one problem: the Kimmel performance was actually taped back in February, long before Dua Lipa arrived in Australia for the Bruno Mars tour. Turns out “live TV” isn’t always that live?

Dua Lipa subsequently dragged Wilkins on Twitter this morning, writing that if he was a “good journalist” he should probably should have done some proper research.

If you come at the queen Dicko, you best not miss.