Drawing Dicks On The Herald Sun Has Just Thrust Itself Back Into Your News Feed

This has been a long time coming.

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It’s been a long hard year since we last had the pleasure of seeing Dicks On The Herald Sun. With the iconic page being violently jerked off Facebook, we’ve all been trying to fill the void ourselves — pencilling in our own small (or not so small) creations on the papers at the local cafe. It’s been okay. But it hasn’t been the same.

Photos like this have seemed like such a terrible injustice.


Image via ABC (The Herald Sun know better by now).

Now, after a 13-month sabbatical, the creators of this much-loved page have sprung up once more. “We are back!” they said in a post on the page this week. “[We] made the decision to take down the page after copious bans and the threat of permanent deletion [but] due to the impending release date of the doco and the completion of our Kickstarter campaign we’ve taken it upon ourselves to republish the page and give it one last roll of the dice.”

They then picked up right where they left off with these two stunning pieces of sorely-missed political commentary.

Of course, DDOTHS has grown much larger since it first came on the scene in 2012. Starting out as a couple of bored workmates killing time in their lunch break, it’s become a bit of a national pastime. They expanded from sports stars to politicians; from The Hun to every paper in the country. Despite its absence for the past year, the Facebook page still has more than 360,000 followers. Since popping back up, they’ve been inundated with excited messages of support and celebratory dick pics that have been created by fans in their absence.

But ultimately, they’re back in our Facebook feed to promote their upcoming documentary. Currently funding on Kickstarter, the film is being billed as an exploration of “the art form which unites the entire human race” and it actually kind of, sort of looks phenomenal. More than half has already been filmed, but they’re looking for a total of $30,000 to finally finish it off.

All the problems with the page — the temporary bans, the complaints and the occasional death threat — are still present so it looks as though the organisers are really banking on the success of the Kickstarter project. If you want ’em to stay up, you should probably put your money where your mouth is.

They are doing the Lord’s work, after all.