Twitter Is Roasting Drake For His Very Deep And Meaningful Lyrics About Instagram

He has a lot of feelings about Instagram.

Last Friday, Drake’s highly anticipated new album Scorpion finally landed.

In the few days since it dropped, the 25-track release has already obliterated a number of records: it crushed Spotify’s one-day streaming record by raking in more than 132 million plays — more than 500,000 more than the previous title-bearer, Post Malone’s Beerbongs & Bentleys.

Apple Music’s data told a similar story — a spokesperson confirmed to Variety that the album topped 170 million streams in the first 24 hours. If the current pacing continues, Scorpion has a strong chance of hitting 1 billion streams by the end of this week — which, yes, would be a new record.

By far the biggest immediate talking point of Scorpion was Drake’s confirmation on the song ‘Emotionless’ that he fathered a child last year, a rumour that initially surfaced two months ago in Pusha T’s fiery diss track ‘The Story Of Adidon’.

But away from those surprise revelations, Scorpion sees Drake dedicate a lot of time to his new favourite obsession and hatred: Instagram. Or, more specifically, girls who spend too much time on Instagram.

He spends basically all of verse two on ‘Emotionless’ ragging on girls who spend all their time snapping and not enough time paying attention to him the world around them.

“I know a girl whose one goal was to visit Rome,” he raps. “Then she finally got to Rome. And all she did was post pictures for people at home. ‘Cause all that mattered was impressin’ everybody she’s known.”

“I know another girl that’s cryin’ out for help,” he continues. “But her latest caption is “Leave me alone”. I know a girl happily married ’til she puts down her phone. I know a girl that saves pictures from places she’s flown. To post later and make it look like she still on the go.”

And later on ‘Summer Games’ he sings: “Yeah, you say I led you on, but you followed me. I follow one of your friends, you unfollow me. Then you block them so they can’t see you liking someone just like me. I expected more from you honestly.”

…which may be the Drakeist lyric that Drake has ever written. Needless to say, the Internet has spent the last two days laughing about it:

He’s even being compared — not innacurately, let’s be honest — to popular Canadian poet, Rupi Kaur.

Listen to ‘Emotionless’ below.