Dorian Satoshi Nakamoto Addresses Bitcoin Community: “I Want To Hug You”

He is maybe the most nicest man in the world.

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Remember in March this year, when Newsweek re-launched their print publication with a startling bit of investigating journalism that claimed Satoshi Nakamoto, the pseudonym behind the anonymous man/men who created Bitcoin, was actually just a 64-year-old guy called Dorian Satoshi Nakamoto who collected model steam-trains and lived in a small California home?

And then published a photo of his home, leading press to engage in a high speed goose chase through the city, as their target repeatedly denied his totally unverified involvement?

In this video released overnight, Dorian thanks the Bitcoin community for their support “in this ordeal that I’m still fighting”, and for a Bitcoin fund they put together in Dorian’s name under the guidance of Andreas Antonopoulos, who appears beside him on the couch. “I want to hug you — the two thousand of you — who donated. I’m very happy. Each one gives me a tick in my heart. Thankyou very much.” (Nawwww. Unless he actually is the guy, in which case he’ll just throw them on top of his already-accumulated USD$485 million worth of Bitcoin.)

“I am not Satoshi Nakamoto, as portrayed,” he reiterates. “My name is DORIAN Satoshi Nakamoto — and of course if I was the real creator, I would never use my real name.”