Here’s How To Watch The ‘Donda’ Livestream From Kanye West

Kanye West is currently premiering his 10th studio album, 'Donda', through a live-streamed music experience.

Kanye West

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Well, the hour is finally upon us — Donda, the 10th studio record by Kanye West, is just about to have its very first public showing.

The record is being live-streamed in full via Apple Music. The link to watch that performance, which is going down in Atlanta Stadium, is right here.

So far, the livestream has just been shots of an eagerly anticipatory crowd, and a screen which shows lights changing back and forth. A short message at the bottom of the screen promises that the event will begin “shortly” — though, given this is Kanye West we are talking about, it’s unclear exactly how long we will have to wait.

Indeed, given how frequently Kanye is grist for the rumour mill, it’s totally acceptable to be somewhat suspicious that Donda is going to come out at all. But this time, the flurry of internet speculation that has lit up Twitter over the last few days seems well founded. First, “internet personality” Justin Laboy tweeted that he and basketball player Kevin Durant had been treated to an early bird listening session of the album, courtesy of Kanye West himself.

Then, shortly thereafter, West’s label Def Jam confirmed the release of the album with a short, quasi-cryptic tweet that simply read, “YZY SZN”. Of course, YZY is a contraction of Yeezy, West’s moniker, and SZN is a contraction of season, implying that the release of the record will be sooner rather than later.

There’s been no word on when Donda will hit streaming services, but it’s reasonably safe to assume that it will drop after the livestream, at midnight American time, which will be 2pm today here. After all, the world will have already been introduced to the record by then.

Check back in for more updates on Kanye and Donda here.