This TikTok Star Has Perfectly Replicated Donald Trump’s Bugnuts Coronavirus Press Conferences

Sarah Cooper has become a viral hero, with her videos clocking up half a million likes.

Sarah Cooper TikTok star takes on Donald Trump

Nobody has a speaking style quite like US President Donald Trump.

With his blathering, wafty style, he thrusts at his sentences’ points sideways. You can see him making up his speeches on the fly, feeding off the energy of the crowd, and talking himself into increasingly ludicrous positions.

Indeed, Trump’s manner of speaking is so distinct and strange that you could pretty much never impersonate it. Sure, people like Alec Baldwin have tried. But they always come up a little short. Nobody speaks like Trump except for Donald Trump.

Which might be why the most impressive Trump impersonator in recent memory is Tik Tok star Sarah Cooper, who barely impersonates him at all. Cooper doesn’t do his voice. She doesn’t paint herself orange, or muss up her hair. Instead, she lip synchs her way through his speeches, letting the real guy handle the voice, so that she can free herself up to imitate how Trump really is, not just how he appears.

Take a look at this viral clip, for instance, in which Cooper puts her own spin on one of Trump’s infamous coronavirus pressers.

Or this take on a typical Trumpian ramble about “per capita” results.

Or this skewering of his take on the downsides of testing.

Or this one, about Trump’s oft-touted coronavirus “treatment”, hydroxychloroquine.

Basically, Cooper has captured Trump like no other comedian has ever managed before. And she’s done it not by slapping on a wig, but by letting the man himself do all the heavy lifting for her. No matter everyone from Ben Stiller to John Darnielle of The Mountain Goats are fans.