What Would A Donald Trump Presidency Actually Look Like?

Mass deportations, a giant wall and banning Muslims. It could all actually happen.

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Donald Trump’s presidential campaign may have hit some serious headwinds lately, but he’s not out of the race yet. While most polls still have Hillary Clinton in the lead, others are showing the contest is tightening.

There’s still more than two months to go until the election so it’s too early to tell who could win. But one thing is for sure, if Trump ends up winning and becomes President of the US, it will be like nothing the world has ever seen before.

Whether it’s mass deportations, building a giant wall along the US-Mexico border or banning Muslims, a Trump pesidency will send shock waves right around the world. We thought we’d tell the story of what a Trump presidency could actually look like, using new, experimental video techniques.

You can immerse yourself in Donald Trump’s America by watching the video below.