Some Cursed Genius Mashed-Up Doja Cat’s ‘Say So’ With Toni Collette’s Speech From ‘Hereditary’

True horror.

Doja Cat song Say So gets mashed up with Hereditary

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Doja Cat’s ‘Say So’ has recently been given a new life online, the pop hit transformed into a viral sensation by dancing teens on Tik Tok. But its meme status was truly confirmed early this week, when Twitter user @PraseJeebus mashed it up with Toni Collette’s horrifying speech from Hereditary.

You all know the speech. At the end of Hereditary‘s horrifying first act, Collette gives a furious speech to her son (Alex Wolff), who she is convinced is smirking at her behind her back. Leaping up across the length of the table, Collette starts stabbing herself in the chest with her finger. “I am your mother,” she screams, one of the most uncomfortable moments in a movie absolutely jammed full of them.

‘Say So’, on the other hand, is the lead single from the Doja Cat album Hot Pink. Best known for her breakout viral hit ‘Mooo!’ Cat takes the smooth textures of R’n’B, and mashes them up with guttural, full-throated rap.

Anyway, as @PraseJeebus realised, the song and the speech go together wonderfully, each bringing out new pleasures in the other.

I mean, just listen:

True art.