Someone Mashed Up Julia Gillard’s Misogyny Speech With Doja Cat And It’s Glorious

Doja and Julia, together at last.

Doja Cat and Julia Gillard

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‘Say So’ by Doja Cat has become one of the biggest songs of 2020 — albeit, in the most roundabout possible way.

The song was one of the lead singles from Doja Cat’s second studio album, Hot Pink, dropped in November 2019. At the time, the song was pretty well-regarded, but wasn’t one of its four lead singles.

It was the internet — and more specifically TikTok — that decided ‘Say So’ should be the sound of the summer. Early this year, TikTok user Haley Sharpe sent the thing viral when she designed her own dance for the track, transforming it from an obscurer cut to the trend of the times.

Now, in the next step in the song’s viral evolution, it has been mashed-up with memes. As we reported earlier this week, it’s already been wedded with Ari Aster’s horrifying Hereditary.

Now, it’s been remixed with Julia Gillard’s iconic misogyny speech. It was music writer Jackson Langford of NME Australia and MusicFeeds who posted the song to his Twitter page. And I mean, it’s the kind of work of art that must be heard to be believed.

Just listen:

Since that remix went public, another one has entered the public consciousness: a 30 Rock mash-up that lives in a world entirely of its own.

Weirder still is this mash-up, which combines the song with Roger Taylor of Queen making a coffee order:

Or this one, in which Willem Dafoe’s speech about lobster from weirdo horror movie The Lighthouse gets the Doja Cat treatment:

A wild world we live in.