‘Dogs At Polling Stations’ Is The Only UK Election Coverage You Need Today

Such democracy! Very civic duty!

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Today, millions of Brits went to the polls to cast their votes in the UK General Election and they’re now being tallied through the night. But, because our own politics is certainly enough to deal with at the best of times, there’s a very good chance you haven’t been following any of the campaign and are generally pretty confused by whatever the news is yelling at you right now.

Why is one of the contenders actually Eminem? Can people vote for the baby now? How exactly did the Illuminati orchestrate this inspired madness?

Honestly, if you’re asking any of these questions, you’re a lost cause so — in place of a detailed breakdown of the election campaign or a speculative analysis of what the result could mean for the UK — please enjoy this collection of pictures of inspiring dogs at polling booths.

These good dogs were part of a record-breaking turnout by the nations’ canine population today:

These good dogs wistfully looked on to their future, knowing full well they would be remembered as pioneers for generations to come:

These good dogs just loved democracy so much they couldn’t contain it in their tiny little good dog faces:

These good dogs overcame great adversity:

These good dogs know civic duty is not an burden but a privilege:

These good dogs came out because they have serious qualms with David Cameron’s proposed taxation amendments.

This good dog is all tuckered out from spending all night researching the parties’ policy platforms on divestment from fossil fuels.

These good dogs are not dogs at all:

TL;DR Australia’s not the only place with ridiculous politics. Also: dogs are very good.

Feature image via @dizzybrunette3/Twitter.