Please Watch This Dog Crash And Ruin A Weatherman’s Attempt At Filming From Home

I, for one, love our new canine weather forecaster.

dog crash weather forecast

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Thanks to coronavirus, a lot of us have had to adapt to working from home to help flatten the curve.

While this transition has been a lot easier for people who are able to solely work online, some are finding it difficult to continue their work. This need to social distance has been especially difficult for those who work in television and require daily filming as part of their jobs.

Beyond talk show hosts like Ellen DeGeneres and Jimmy Fallon opting to film from home, even news anchors and weathermen have had to figure out appropriate ways to do the same.

And because of this, we have now been blessed with the most chaotic weather forecast segment of all time. As FOX WTVT’s meteorologist Paul Dellegatto filmed the daily weather from his home office, his golden retriever, Brody, somehow managed to hijack the entire segment and it’s glorious.

The weather forecast started to go awry when Brody accidentally disabled the on-screen graphics, leaving Dellegatto with the task of verbalising the forecast without images.

“The map’s not gonna move because he just whacked the computer with his head,” Dellegatto sighs. “That wasn’t very smart.”

Trying to deliver what he can of the report, the weatherman pats his dog as he reads off the stats for Florida. But as he finishes the forecast, Brody spots Craig, the cameraman filming outside, and jumps around to get his attention.

This causes Craig to pan the camera down and focus the rest of the segment on the true star of the show: Brody the dog.

“Oh, boy. Oh, boy, that’s not good,” Dellegatto says in exasperation as he’s blurred in the background of what is now the dog’s shot. “He’s going crazy trying to find Craig behind the blanket [used to block the reflection of outside light].”

Anyway, while it’s no BBC Dad, we stan Brody, the world’s favourite honorary weatherman.