Ewan McGregor Faces His Demons In The Chilling Teaser For ‘The Shining’ Sequel ‘Doctor Sleep’


Ewan McGregor in the trailer for The Shining sequel Doctor Sleep

One of the greatest horror films of all time is getting a very belated sequel, the first teaser trailer for which has just hit the web. And while the thought of trying to follow-up The Shining might seem like madness, the footage from Doctor Sleep actually looks pretty promising. You know, in a bone-chilling, skin-crawling kind of way.

Based on Stephen King’s 2013 book of the same name, itself a long-awaited sequel to his 1977 novel, Doctor Sleep picks up the story of Danny Torrence, who we last saw running through the hedge maze at the Overlook with his deranged, axe-wielding father in hot pursuit. Now in his 40s and played by Ewan McGregor, Danny is forced to confront his childhood demons when he encounters a young girl also in possession of psychic powers similar to his own.

King, for what it’s worth, famously hated director Stanley Kubrick’s take on The Shining, believing it diverged too far from the source material. The extent to which Doctor Sleep functions as a sequel to the movie as opposed to an adaptation of the new book remains to be seen. The teaser trailer doesn’t give much away, but is packed with chilling images, including a number of visual references to Kubrick’s film. Blood in the elevator? Check. Room 237? Check. Creepy twins. Check and check.

Doctor Sleep hits cinemas in Australia on November 7.