Doctor Karl Does A Shoey In A New Ad For Triple J’s Hottest 100

"Welcome to the dankest place on earth."

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Australia’s answer to David Attenborough has lent his voice and scientific know-how to a brilliant new ad for triple j’s Hottest 100.

The two minute clip sees Doctor Karl Kruszelnicki narrating his way through a dark, sweaty nightclub. “Welcome,” he begins, “to the dankest place on earth. The air is sticky, and personal space non-existent. Yet the humans in this writhing mess of flesh are thoroughly enjoying their night out.”

“Blood flow to the brain rises in the areas linked to reward, emotion and arousal,” he continues. “However, cutting sick on the d-floor can be draining, and before long the punter must go in search of hydration.”

Doctor Karl also appears in the ad, as “an alpha male” displaying his dominance “to the juveniles in the group” through that most ancient and primal of rituals: the shoey.