Novak Djokovic’s Dad Says His Son Was Treated Like A “Terrorist” And Called ScoMo A “Dictator”

The family refused to comment on photos of Djokovic allegedly socialising while infectious.


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Novak Djokovic’s dad has delivered another absolutely bonkers speech following his son’s release from immigration detention in Australia, this time labelling Prime Minister Scott Morrison a “dictator”.

Srdjan Djokovic, who just last week compared his son’s plight to that of Jesus Christ, has also called upon Queen Elizabeth to step in and protect his son amid his ongoing visa issues.

In a Serbian press conference, Srdjan slammed the Australian government, labelling it a mockery of the free world.

“Autocracy has shown its true face today. Contrary to the decision of the Independent Court of Australia, dictator Scott ordered the arrest of my son, your world champion, Novak Djokovic, and deportation, banning him from entering the country for three long years,” Djokovic said in the press conference, following speculation that the Australian Border Force was seeking to arrest Novak following his victory in court.

“The court showed that law exists in Australia, but Scott dared to take justice into his own hands.”

It was later confirmed that the Australian Border Force is not currently trying to arrest Novak.

Djokovic, who clearly has no idea how little Queen Elizabeth actually has to do with Australian politics, called on the monarch to protect his son in an extreme case of main character syndrome from the Serbian tennis star’s family.

“I call on the Queen of Britain, Elizabeth, the leader of the Commonwealth, to intervene and protect the human rights of my son Novak Djokovic and to stop the political prosecution that has been carried out against him since he came to Australia,” he said.

“I appeal to the Queen of Britain, Elizabeth, to intervene and stop the torture carried out over the multiple Wimbledon champion, decorated by Prince William for achievements in philanthropy.

“I call on Queen Elizabeth of Britain to prevent the undermining of the reputation of the Commonwealth by the Australia government through political persecution and torture of the world’s best tennis player and free citizen.”

Srdjan also compared Novak’s treatment to that of a terrorist in Guantanamo Bay.

“Australia has become a dystopia, a mockery of the free world, they treat Novak Djokovic, my son, your world champion, as a political prisoner. As a terrorist in Guantanamo Bay. They deprive him of the right to play, to individuality, to freedom of opinion.

“But I publicly claim: political beasts will not break it! The whole world can now see a fake democracy led by one Scott.

“Scott turned Australia into a dictatorship of the Western world, they lost the legitimacy to call themselves democracies after this political prosecution. They are a false democracy.”

Throughout the lengthy speech — which is far too long to include in full — he also called Australia a “banana republic” that is run by “political criminals who do not respect individual rights or court decisions”.

However, when his family was quizzed on why Novak was photographed maskless at a social event days after testing positive to COVID-19, they refused to answer questions and abruptly ended the press conference.

Scott Morrison is yet to respond to the claims and is, obviously, not a dictator. Junkee has reached out to the prime minister’s office for comment.