Australians Are Roasting Disney Over Their Streaming App’s Suspiciously Familiar New Logo

Our ABC.

Disney Movies Anywhere ABC Logo

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Disney have officially just launched Movies Anywhere, a cloud-based digital locker, online store and video streaming app that lets users link their iTunes, Amazon Video, Google Play and Vudu accounts in one place. The service shapes up as a game-changer for movie lovers, letting them access thousands of hours of content on any device.

There is one small issue with Movies Anywhere, however. I’m talking about the logo, which looks… suspiciously familiar.

If you can’t quite figure out where you’ve seen this before, maybe this will help.

Look, I get that it’s meant to be an ‘M’ combined with an ‘A’, but did you really not think to chuck this into a search engine first?

Plenty of Australians have been giving the House of Mouse a serve on social media over the similarities between the two logos.

Can’t believe Scrooge McDuck is getting our hard-earned tax dollars. What a bloody rort.