Disclosure Just Dropped Three New Tracks And Yep, They’re All Bangers



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When Disclosure announced last year that they would be taking some time away from music, most of us thought that — you know — they would actually be taking some time away from music.

But clearly the duo got bored of sitting around. Earlier this year they dropped a new track called ‘Ultimatum‘, the first cut from their highly anticipated third album and follow-up to 2015’s Caracal. 

And now, the Lawrence brothers have come back with three more singles — titled ‘Moonlight’, ‘Where Angels Fear To Tread’, and ‘Love Can Be So Hard’ — all dropped over the space of three days. The latest, ‘Love Can Be So Hard’, is a particularly glorious ’80s disco banger.

“Taking you on a throwback ’80s vibe today with ‘Love Can Be So Hard,’” Disclosure wrote on Twitter. “Inspired by our love of ’80s pop artists like Alexander O’Neal and Luther Vandross, we chopped and flipped this old classic by Princess on its head! Hope it’s to your liking.”

At the time of writing, the brothers haven’t revealed when we can expect to hear the new album, but given the speed at which these singles are landing, it probably won’t be long.

Listen to all three new tracks below.