Netflix Is Releasing ‘Dirty John’ On Valentines Day, Which Is Deeply Upsetting?

They've also released a new trailer!

Dirty John Netflix

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If you love Connie Britton and creepy dudes, then prepare to celebrate! Netflix has released their first trailer for Dirty John. 

Adapted from the massively popular investigative podcast of the same name, the eight-part TV series follows Debra Newell, a well-off Californian woman who falls head over heels for a man she meets on the internet. Spoilers: things do not go well, and I don’t mean just because online dating is a hellfire.

The titular Dirty John seems to be a bad, bad guy — although maybe that’s what they want me to think, and there’s a big twist??????

Connie Britton and her beautiful hair stars as Newell, while Australia’s own Eric Bana plays a creepy and handsome John.

Dirty John will be streaming on Netflix February 14, 2019. Yep — Valentine’s Day! Looks like literally every single person in Australia knows exactly what they’ll be doing on that cursed day.