A New Pokémon Just Dropped, And It Looks Like A Dildo

Wiglett is a grower, not a shower.


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Fan-favourite Pokémon Diglett has gotten an interesting makeover in the new Scarlet and Violet games that loosely resembles a dildo or goose; depending on who you ask.

Meet Wiglett — a really elongated, white version of the Generation I bad boi, known for confusing players over its nose (not one-toothed, aghast mouth), and hidden body burrowed beneath the ground.

But whether you think Wiglett resembles a weiner or a worm, would probably make a good personality test.

The differently coloured Pokémon were hinted to be from the Paldea region where Scarlet and Violet is set, according to a promotional video released on Wednesday.

In-game researchers suspected it might have evolved from Diglett as an alternative to the three-headed Dugtrio, however because Wiglett lives by the sea unlike its ground-type counterpart, and lengthens so dramatically, it was concluded that they are different species altogether.

Wiglett is joined by newcomers Armarouge, Stonjourner, Bagon, Eiscue, and legendary Pokémon Koraidon and Miraidon.

Nintendo dropped the Wiglett bomb after announcing another viral Pokémon Lechonk in June — a squishy, snotty piglet who immediately won the hearts and minds of the internet at the time.

Pokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Violet will hit Nintendo Switch in November.