Meanwhile On Instagram, Diane Keaton Is Slowly Transforming Into Moira Rose

Diane Keaton says hats don't get enough attention, and after watching her guide to hats, we'd have to agree.

Diane Keaton exudes Moira Rose energy in Instagram about her hats

Moira Rose may be larger than life, but Diane Keaton is giving the Schitt’s Creek character a run for her money over on Instagram, where her latest video about her ever-growing hat collection might even out-Moira Moira.

Catharine O’Hara’s highly elloqucuious character is no longer on our screens, as Schitt’s Creek‘s final and sixth season aired earlier this year — and save a brief family reunion for the Obama’s 2020 commencement speech online ceremony, we’ve really missed the Rose family.

Here comes Keaton, who, while lacking the certain je ne sais accent of Moira, certainly offers the character’s love for accessorising. In place of wigs, Keaton prefers to make a statement with a rimmed hat, and has done so for decades.

Long established as one of our most idiosyncratic dressers, Keaton decided to give a tour on Instagram of her hat collection and “focus on how hats can help us in this time of trouble”, aka terrible lockdown hair.

Wearing what can only be described as a pilgrim dress, Keaton spends three and a half minutes running through her hats.

“I don’t think they get enough attention,” she says.

There’s the “classic bowler”, there are black hats, brown hats, there’s white hats, there’s “old standards”. There are many, many hats!

Our favourite is the ‘airy and breezy and summer-esque’ white one: after al, as Keaton says, it’s the perfect way “to surprise your husband”.

“They’ll change your life,” she says. “You need to spend more money on hats, because now in this time of such sadness and worry, a friendly hat and a friendly face makes the day.”

There’s been a lot of terrible celebrity content during COVID-19, as people used to constant attention find themselves without a live audience. This, however, is simply delightful tongue-in-cheek content.

Vive la Keaton! Watch the video below.