DeuxMoi’s True Identity Has Been Revealed And The Clue Was In The Name All Along

XOXO, [Redacted]


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It was a case of life imitating Gossip Girl when the identity of celebrity gossip social media account DeuxMoi was revealed this past week.

With over 1.5 million followers, DeuxMoi is an anonymously run Instagram account detailing unverified juicy celebrity gossip. The account spills the tea on everything from sightings of famous faces, to behind the scenes glimpses of events. Typically, users contact DeuxMoi with pictures or info on the rich and famous and the account shares the gossip on their Instastory.

The brand was originally a fashion blog run by two anonymous women from roughly 2013 to 2016. However, they returned to Instagram over the course of the pandemic to feed those hungry for mundane, addictive celebrity updates.

Like any popular anonymously-run account on social media, the identity of the curators behind DeuxMoi has long been speculated but remained a mystery. Until now, that is.

In a detailed newsletter from ex-New York Magazine reporter, Brian Feldman, Feldman unmasks the alleged identities behind the DeuxMoi brand. And this is where life gets a little freakishly Gossip Girl-ish.

Feldman alleges that the two women behind DuexMoi are Meggie Kempner and Melissa Lovallo. Kempner is the granddaughter of none other than famous wealthy New York socialite Nan Kempner who stunned the New York fashion scene between the ’50s and ’70s. As for Melissa Lovallo? She appears to have been a model at some point and, allegedly, still runs the DeuxMoi account. There has been no confirmation of any of this from the account itself.

It is possible this whole series of events is just awfully convenient press for DeuxMoi’s upcoming novel, Anon Plz.  The novel, which has already been snapped up by HBO for adaptation into a limited series, is about a stylist to the stars who starts anonymously posting viral celebrity gossip.