This Video Of A Delightfully “Chilled Out” Destiny’s Child Is So Pure And Good

"I love whales."

The absolute highlight of Coachella 2018 and also our entire miserable lives was Beyoncé’s historic headlining act. As part of the concert, our queen paid tribute to the women who have paved the way for her success, as well as the people who have come along on the journey with her. This included an utterly astounding reunion of her original girl-group Destiny’s Child.

The trio did a medley of some of their best songs, including ‘Lose My Breath’, ‘Say My Name’, and the chronically underestimated ‘Soldier’.

They wore camouflage outfits which were a beautiful throwback to the music video of ‘Survivor’.

It was perfect.

During the performance, Beyoncé said “I’m so happy”, and the world agreed.

But frankly, in a performance that makes such a huge effort to pay homage to the origin story of Beyoncé, that gives tribute to her roots, it’s worth revisiting this footage of a massively bent Destiny’s Child.

It’s worth remembering that Beyoncé was not always a flawless dancing queen — she’s also been extremely keen for whales.

Tag yourself — are you “I love whales”? Are you a world-travelling bird? Are you a black panther, creeping through the wilderness? Or are you the flickering desktop in the background, watching this historic moment with robotic equanimity?

Also, did Beyoncé ever write that song for Michelle?