A Woman Suggested Men Shouldn’t Order Sweets, So The ‘Dessert Is Gay’ Meme Was Born

Fellas, is it gay to eat desserts?

dessert is gay meme

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Fragile masculinity can really be a trip.

The mere idea that men can’t partake in activities deemed feminine in any way is crazy. While some activities — like cooking and cleaning — are traditionally seen as more feminine, there isn’t really a gender that rules over the consumption of food.

That is, until now. Apparently, eating anything other than a main meal in the eyes of Twitter user @ms_fishscale is “a female thing to do.”

In a series of tweets, Houston-based cook Lyssa shared that she thought men ordering dessert on a date is a “red flag.”

Following up her initial tweet, Lyssa explained that women should be the only one asking for appetisers and desserts because “men eat meals.” Continuing her thought, she shared that she’d rather a man order two mains instead of sides because men “look sassy ordering a spinach dip.”

Now it goes without saying that there is nothing inherently feminine or masculine about eating food. Eating a side of chicken wings doesn’t suddenly make you crave dick, much like how eating a steak instead of salad doesn’t make you magically grow a beard.

Enjoying a three-course meal isn’t a gendered activity but Lyssa defended herself by reiterating that she personally found it a red flag. But at that point, the damage was done and the ‘Dessert Is Gay’ meme was born.

The horrible take came only days after smoothies were also deemed to be “feminine shit”. According to @myculturenoisey, eating fruit is fine but once they’re blended together, you suddenly become attracted to men.

Not only are traditional gender stereotypes being enforced, but it seems like weekly new ones are added to the list. Over the years, more and more things that men can’t do continue to pop up — from wearing glasses to literally having a wife, it seems like almost every activity makes men gay.

And it’s this fear of doing “feminine” activities that makes companies think that every single product needs to be heavily gendered — like aggressive man-sized tissues and gentle, feminine, pink pens for women.

But, at the end of the day, we do owe some thanks to Lyssa. The ‘Dessert Is Gay’ meme has provided us all with some much needed quarantine entertainment to get us through lockdown.

To all the men reading this: You do you, king. Order that dessert and spinach dip with pride.