‘Derry Girls’ And ‘Great British Bake Off’ Will Get A Cross-Over Episode, Because Life Is Good

Two of the most heartwarming shows on television will merge with one another.

Derry Girls and Great British Bake Off

Derry Girls is a sweet, warm-hearted look at familial bonds and the power of friendshipThe Great British Bake Off is a sweet, warm-hearted look at what happens when you ask a lot of congenial people to bake tarts under a time pressure.

So, sure, the two shows might have some cosmetic differences, but at their hearts, they have the same view of the world. True evil exists in the universe of neither program — these are shows filled with gentle understanding, not artificial attempts to raise the stakes.

For those reasons, it makes perfect sense that the two shows will be mooshed together for one extraordinary cross-over episode, airing on New Year’s Day.

Yep, the cast of Derry Girls will be the guests on a forthcoming special episode of Great British Bake Off — as themselves, unfortunately, rather than their characters.

But hey, that’ll still leave a lot of room for all sorts of very British, very sweet shenanigans. Expect to see Noel Fielding bend himself in half with gentle laughter, someone burn a biscuit, someone else use some very odd euphemism for a curse word, and for the whole thing to have the warm fuzzy feeling of a hand-knitted blanket.