‘The Good Place’ Writer Demi Adejuyigbe Created The Ultimate 21st Of September Tribute

Pure joy.

Demi Adejuyigbe's 2020 homage to Earth Wind And Fire's 'September' is his biggest yet

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For the past four years, comedian and The Good Place screenwriter Demi Adejuyigbe has paid tribute to Earth, Wind and Fire’s disco classic ‘September’ by releasing an all-in celebratory video on September 21 — the night where “Love was changin’ the minds of pretenders”. This year’s edition is by far his biggest and best yet.

Since 2016, Adejuyigbe has commemorated the day by posting a video — what began as him dancing in a shirt that said ‘Sept 21’ has evolved into a full-fledged event which over the years has featured children’s choirs, balloons aplenty and falling apart fridges. It’s pure joy, and for this year, Adejuyigbe went well and truly all out.

Best to not spoil any details, but it’s big.

For this year’s video, Adejuyigbe told viewers he’d make another next year if viewers raised $50,000 across four social justice charities — Street Watch LA, Trans United Fund, BlackRoots Alliance and National Asian Pacific American Women’s Forum.

Within 24 hours, he’s hit his target, but you can continue donating.

“Five years, five September videos,” he wrote. “A nice round number, and a perfect place for me to stop. There’s only so much dancing I can do — my knees are getting bad and I am running out of closet space for all these decorations!

“That said, one of the nicest things about doing these September videos is using the attention as an opportunity to raise money for organisations whose goals I want to champion, whether that’s fighting climate change, resources and rights of the unhoused, trans equality & political power, racial justice, reproductive rights, prisoner justice, or a variety of other social goods.”

“If we hit $50,000, I’ll make another video! If we hit $100,000, uhhh, I’ll make another video but also probably freak out because — wow! — that’s a lot of money! If we hit $69,420, well…I’ll make another video, and have myself a giggle. (I’m only human.)”

Donate over on, and view Adejuyigbe’s videos below in reverse chronological order.