Netflix’s ‘Dear White People’ Has Clapped Back At Its Haters With This Chrome Extension

Paging online pissbabies everywhere.

If you’ve heard of the Netflix show Dear White People, you’ve almost certainly also heard some insecure online pissbaby arguing that the name of the show is racist… against white people.

Thankfully for online pissbabies everywhere, as well as the rest of us who are sick of reading their tweets, Netflix and Dear White People have come up with a solution: a Chrome extension that replaces the phrase “Dear White People” with “Dear ALL People” on all the websites you visit.

As that beautiful trailer puts it, “does the title Dear White People still have you triggered? Are you feeling attacked, angry, feel like you need a safe space online? Don’t worry, we have just the solution”.

“Change ‘Dear White People’ to ‘Dear ALL People’, and browse freely online without fear of being offended”.

The Chrome extension genuinely exists, and it works — though briefly testing it out made writing this article extremely confusing. If you’re easily offended, you can give it a spin here. Or just be like this guy, and avoid being offended by drawing arbitrary geographical boundaries to make this not about you.

Better yet, just shut up and go watch the show. It’s real good, and season 2 is on Netflix now.