Deadpool Has Recorded A Message For Australia Day, For Some Odd Reason

Thanks, we guess?

Australia Day’s coming up, and the great stampede to use a national holiday to sell people stuff is coming with it. Last week Lee Lin Chin was enlisted in the annual effort to get Australians eating more lamb, and presumably Woolworths have another cringe-inducingly tone-deaf ad campaign in the works.

But someone slightly left-of-field is getting in on the action this year. Deadpool, the upcoming R-ratedĀ flick starring Ryan Reynolds as the derangedĀ superhero, just released a quick Australia Day message from Reynolds himself, featuring one of those hats with the corks on them and some timely sledges at New Zealand. It’s… odd.

Ryan Reynolds is clearly still pretty sore about Wolverine. In fairness, that was a pretty dreadful movie.

Never forget.

Deadpool is in cinemas February 11.