Some Deadly Aboriginal TikTok Creators To Decolonise Your Feed

#BlakTok is thriving!

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NAIDOC week may have wrapped up, but #BlakTok is out here thriving and full of deadly Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander TikTokers you should start following all day every day to decolonise your feeds. Here are just some of my favourite Mob killin’ it on the app!


Emily is a proud Barkindji, Wakawaka, and Birrigubba woman. Her videos are usually just her hilariously clapping back at racists with skits, reactions to trends, or educational videos about Aboriginal history. My personal favourites are the one’s featuring her lovely mum — such as this one, roasting Emily with a story from her childhood.

Meissa is a Wiradjuri, Gomeroi & Awabakal woman. She is also proudly bisexual, and a budding artist. Her TikToks range from her incredible makeup looks, to daily vlogs, to vids shouting out Blak businesses and explaining her Aboriginal experiences. Check her out!


Tallulah is a proud Gomeroi and Lebanese woman. Her Tiktoks centere on Aboriginal history, uplifting voices of other Indigenous creators, current issues affecting Mob, and her great sense of style. Give her a follow!


Nicholas is a non-binary creator. Their TikToks focus on Aboriginal current affairs, gender, and gaming. They are a must follow if you’re looking to keep informed and up to date with Indigenous issued, news and events, and maybe even have a giggle at the racists in their comments.

Tilly is a Gumbaynggir law student at USYD. Her videos cover everything! From her hilarious family stories about what it was like growing up with two radically political parents, to poetry, to her experiences as a white-passing Aboriginal woman. She is hilarious and insightful and absolutely worth a follow!


Sari Thaiday is a descendant of the Darnley, Saibai, and Yidinji. She is both Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander, and absolutely deadly. Her content ranges from showing off her dance and gymnastic skills, to telling Dreaming stories and histories of certain places, advocating for domestic violence prevention, and incredible makeup looks!


Nathan Lyons’ delicious TikTok feed was already featured in Junkee this week, but I couldn’t resist telling you, once again, that Nathan’s gourmet recipes made from classic Aussie staples are to die for, and they’re super easy to make too.


Katerina is both Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander. She is an artist, descended from the Yawuru people. In her videos, she teaches traditional language and shows off her fantastic art and spooky makeup skills.


Joseph Althouse is an actor whose TikToks revolve mostly around him being a proud gay Black man, and using the app’s trends to hilariously commentate on Australia’s racist past.

You can find these lubly Aboriginal creators and many more searching up the #BlakTok tag on TikTok!