David Lynch Has Been Working On A New Album

It's called The Big Dream and it's probably nuts.

International hair icon and weirdo movie-making master, David Lynch, is no stranger to recording studios. The eccentric director has had a hand in the music of many of his films dating back to the 1990 rockabilly epic Wild At Heart, as well as countless collaborations with composer Angelo Badalamenti, and his official 2011 full-length debut, the electronically insane, Crazy Clown Time.

It seems he’s since been working on a follow-up album, too. Being David Lynch, he announced the news via this mysterious YouTube clip and Vine, which had us half-expecting the album to be either 40-odd minutes of static or entirely recorded inside a washing machine.

Further details about the release have since filtered through, though: it is titled The Big Dream, and its tracklist includes a cover of Bob Dylan’s 1964 tearjerker, ‘The Ballad Of Hollis Brown’ (in typical Lynch-ian fashion, he’s described it as “not really a cover of Bob Dylan as much as it is a cover of a Nina Simone cover of Bob Dylan”) and another song with the hip hop-inflected title, ‘We Rolled Together’ (the chorus has a pained Lynch squealing “When I came home, the ice cream was gone…”).

There’s also a surprising collaboration with Swedish singer Lykke Li on there, which goes a little something like this (if you’re a Spotify user):

In a press release, Lynch described the direction of the new album as “modern blues”. “Most of the songs start out as a type of blues jam and then we go sideways from there. What comes out is a hybrid, modernized form of low-down blues.”

If the words “hybrid, modernized form of low-down blues” sound like your kinda jam, you can now stream a few preview clips from the album over at iTunes. The album will be officially released on July 15.