Gawk In Horror At Liberal MP Dave Sharma’s Awful Lasagne

Sharma has lost every Italian vote with this monstrosity.

dave sharma lasagne

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Shield your nonna’s eyes because Liberal MP Dave Sharma has attempted to cook lasagne, key word being “attempted.”

Before we begin, it is important to note that I am not the pasta police. The entire concept of gatekeeping food is extremely silly and holds us back from discovering glorious fusion dishes that we can all enjoy (apart from that failed sushi pizza venture that went viral a few years back).

But if you’re cooking a dish as iconic as lasagne, you’d best be doing it right. I’m not saying you can’t make a vegetarian lasagne or spice it up a little, as you see fit. I’m just saying, it has to be a lasagne — which is not what Dave Sharma posted to his Instagram on Sunday night.

Sharma took to his Instagram Story on Sunday night to assert that “lasagne looks good tonight!”

dave sharma lasagne

As a very serious political reporter, it is my job to fact check politicians’ false claims and unfortunately, this doesn’t pass the vibe check. Upon closer inspection, it does not appear that this lasagne “looks good” — contrary to what Sharma may have you believe.

Traditionally, a lasagne is topped with bechamel sauce and cheese, perhaps with a little spice on top — if you’re feeling fancy.

But, by the looks of it, those are dry pasta sheets — cooked to a brittle crisp — on top of the otherwise normal-looking lasagne. You can see the cheese layer underneath, but for some strange reason, whoever cooked this lasagne has decided to go full sicko mode and add an extra — crunchy — layer of pasta on top, for reasons unclear to me.

Social media users have been quick to call out the monstrosity.

It is unclear if Dave Sharma actually cooked the lasagne in question, but what is very clear is that he needs a delivery from 1800 Lasagne ASAP.

Other candidates for the seat of Wentworth simply need to whip up a half-decent lasagne (or even one of those home brand microwave ones) to win the next election.