Here’s A DIY Cover Of Darude’s ‘Sandstorm’ To Make Your Day

Have some 'Sandstorm' to cure what ails you.

Darude and Sandstorm

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‘Sandstorm’ by Darude is one of the most adaptable songs in the history of modern music.

For years the viral banger has been used in about every context imaginable. It works in a club. It works in a meme. And, most significantly of all, it works when played on a number of home appliances.

See, the coronavirus pandemic has moved us all inside, and forced us to work with the materials that we have. It’s that DIY ethos that drives this Tik Tok, an unbelievable cover of ‘Sandstorm’ performed on a glass of water, a keyboard, and a makeshift drumkit.

Truly it is the kind of work of art that requires literally no further introduction.

So I won’t give it any. Just watch:

Turns out a perfect antidote to these trying times is a good old dose of ‘Sandstorm’.