Daniel Andrews Posted A Drake Meme On Facebook And Then Revealed He Doesn’t Know Any Drake Songs

Where were you when you heard about #Drakegate?

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Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews is an extremely well-regarded politician for a variety of very good reasons. When you compare him to say Mike Baird, it’s clear that Andrews’ popularity is off the charts — however today he made an error so crucial, so galling that it might take Victorians months to recover from.

Let’s examine this political blunder and give it the proper time and consideration it deserves. Feel free to put this important and highly important masterpiece on while you digest this.

The day started off really well for Daniel Andrews. This morning he announced that that Melbourne’s CBD would soon be getting a free wi-fi service, which would be the largest free public Wi-Fi network of its kind in Australia. People were so happy. People were so happy and grateful for Daniel Andrews.

The thing is, Daniel Andrews knows he’s doing a really good job. Which is great! We’re happy that you’re happy, Daniel Andrews. But this has resulted in the occasional sassy status update that often has nothing to do with politics and heaps to do with rubbing it in Sydney’s face that in Melbourne we can buy booze after 10pm.

This self congratulations can only take you so far, however. Sometimes you can get lost in it. Sometimes you fly too close to the sun. And today my friends, Daniel Andrews did just that. It began when for reasons I still struggle to fathom, Daniel Andrews posted a Drake meme in the comments section of Drake and Rihanna themed club event happening at Melbourne’s Laundry Bar tonight. Why did this happen? No-one was quite sure.

Screen Shot 2016-09-29 at 2.57.10 pm

Cracker call, Dan!!

This is where Daniel Andrews cooked it. At a press conference this morning, 3AW reporter Lauren Hilbert asked him what his favourite Drake song was, on account of Daniel Andrews sharing such a dank meme and proving his cultural relevancy once again. But the thing is, Daniel Andrews could not name his favourite Drake song because he doesn’t know any Drake songs.

Oh no.

This isn’t about not knowing any Drake songs — a fact which I am still struggling to comprehend — this is about deceiving the public. Why would Daniel Andrews do this to us? Why would be pretend to be a fan of Drizzy, of Champagne Papi, of Toronto’s finest, only to dash our hopes moment later? What is there left to believe in anymore?

Nothing was the same. Everyone please look out for your Melbourne woes tonight.