You Need To See This Video Of Daniel Andrews Bashfully Giving Melbourne The Sex Talk

"I can't quite believe I'm having to explain this. I'm stopping there."

Daniel Andrews the talk

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The other day, Melbourne Premier Daniel Andrews had to stand in front of a small assemblage of reporters, and explain the difference between an “intimate” partner and two friends so as to make clear why different covid safe rules apply to different relationships.

“The very nature of a platonic relationship between two people who are coming together to spend time with each other,” Andrews began, “that’s very different to intimate partners who, by virtue of the fact that they are intimate partners … Their contact is of an intimate nature.”

Unable to keep a straight face anymore, Andrews let out a comically exasperated sigh. “I can’t quite believe I’m having to explain this. I’m stopping there.”

The clip is a work of comedic genius, filled with perfect elements: the solemn atmosphere of the press room; how long it takes Andrews before he breaks and accepts the surreality of the whole thing. So naturally, in the hours since the moment hit the internet, it has become fodder for a tidal wave of memes, most of them delighting over the silver lining of the fact that Melbourne’s Premier was forced to give everyone ‘the talk’ while also very clearly not wanting to do that.

The result? High art.

The clip has even made its way over to TikTok, where a whole new generation are learning about the birds and the bees from a slightly embarrassed elected public official. Ah, 2020. You haven’t stopped throwing us surprises yet.