People Are Furious About Victoria Police’s Shitty Response To The Death Of Eurydice Dixon

"Women don't need to change their behaviour. Men do."

Eurydice Dixon, victim blaming

“Women don’t need to change their behaviour. Men do.” That was the message that Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews sent today in response to the death of aspiring Melbourne comedian Eurydice Dixon.

The premier wrote a heartfelt post on Facebook this afternoon, saying that the behaviour of men needed to change when “one woman in this country dies every week”.

Here’s the full post:

Andrews’ response may have been spurned on by the backlash Victoria Police had received for their response to Dixon’s death. The day after Eurydice Dixon as sexually assaulted and murdered on her way home from a comedy routine, a homicide detective said this:

“My message is that people need to be aware of their own personal security and just be mindful of their surroundings.”

Another policeman echoed that sentiment:

“This is an area of high community activity,” said local superintendent David Clayton. “So just make sure you have situational awareness, that you’re aware of your surroundings. If you’ve got a mobile phone carry it and if you’ve got any concerns, call police.”

Because women being murdered is definitely the fault of… women themselves. Yep, that makes sense.

Others argued that Dixon herself had been abiding by the police’s advice, and was still allegedly murdered.

If only there was someone else police could ask to change their behaviour. Men, perhaps?