Women Dancing To Voice Messages From Their Awful Exes Is The Best Thing On TikTok

"This is a new evolution of petty I strive for!"

Dancing to voicemails from exes TikTok

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The TikTok video is titled ‘Day 1 of dancing to voice mails from my cheat ex boyfriend’ and it’s… enthralling.

Like it says on the tin, the video features TikTok user and actual icon, @trapmoneybella, doing a slow, kinda introspective dance while a pathetic voicemail from her piece of shit ex-boyfriend plays in the background.

It’s an astoundingly effective way to absolutely destroy the guy, as she bodyrolls her way through his tears. We simply have to stan.

As one commenter says on the video “this is a new evolution of petty I strive for!”

But it keeps going.

That pathetic “please” at the end makes my day. The messages themselves are probably all too common for women, and these particular videos are just filled with some classic shit. “You’re the only fucking person who cares about me and pushes me in the right direction…”

Cool, that would be admirable if she was your fucking highschool guidance counsellor, but whatever. Go off.

There’s obviously something cathartic about so publicly mocking what must be a fairly traumatic experience, because the videos have turned into a trend, with other women quickly joining in. It’s great when TikTok is used to social benefit like this.

I mean, this insecure little fuck is angry about LEGGINGS. Come on!

“I’m not dating someone who’s got every fucking dude in the school looking at her,” he says. “You want to do that? Don’t fucking be with me.”

More and more people have gotten on board.

And the trend has grown and evolved — here’s someone dancing to texts. I love this.

The trend is a pretty powerful manifestation of solidarity for teen girls, with a huge amount of people in the comments sharing stories about their own abusive, gaslighting, or just plain scumbag exes. People have also praised the trend for showcasing how resilient and smart and savvy teen girls are — and hopefully it shames some men into not being dirtbags too?