This Bird Doing Interpretive Dance To Ringtones Is The Only Thing That Brings Me Joy

Your day will be made.

Cockatoo dancing bird on Twitter

Interpretive dancing went out of style in the late ’80s: basically around the same time as everyone who wasn’t Kate Bush proved that Kate Bush is the only good interpretive dancer.

In the years since, the style has sadly become little more than a joke; an easy punchline for comedians who are looking to tear into the excesses of the music that your mum liked when she was younger. But hell to that. Interpretive dancing is one of the most vibrant, shimmering movement styles on the planet. And you know how I can prove it?

A dancing motherfucken’ cockatoo.

Yep, overnight, a video went viral of a bird swaying and jumping around the place in time to a bunch of common ringtones. Just watch it, and have your serotonin levels restored like you’re a character in a video game chowing down on a power-up.


Now, is it true that the bird is almost certainly being manipulated by a human being, whose hand you can just see in the background of the shot, behind the cockatoo?

Yes. But does that detract from the sheer joy that this clip brings me? Not in the slightest.

Bring back interpretive dance, I say.