Far-Right Protester Charged After Allegedly Urging People To Shoot Dan Andrews In The Head

He allegedly encouraged protesters to "bring out rifles and shotguns"

imre pelyva

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A far-right protester has been charged by counter-terrorism police for allegedly urging anti-lockdown protesters to bring guns to the State Parliament and assassinate the Premier Daniel Andrews.

Victoria’s counter-terrorism command security investigation unit charged Victorian man Imre Pelyva as part of a series of criminal charges laid amid growing evidence that neo-Nazis have effectively hijacked the protests against the pandemic legislation.

According to court records seen by the SMH, Pelyva has been recently charged with incitement to manufacture explosives, allegedly teaching protesters how to make “Molotov cocktail at home”. He also allegedly encouraged protesters to “bring out rifles and shotguns”.

“Someone need [sic] to shoot Mr Dan fuck in the head with a .50 cal explosive tip! Just to make sure hes [sic] gone for life!” Pelyva allegedly wrote in an encrypted messaging service, while trying to conceal his real identity. “Are we allowed to take firearms to the protest?”

In addition to threatening Dan Andrews’ life, Pelyva also allegedly urged protesters to be violent towards police. “We need to outnumber the law enforcement if we need to with force, such as burning cop cars down and bash the heck out of them. Once they see they outnumbered and will have to stand down and wait there until one of the politicians comes out and than [sic] we make our demands …. This has worked well in the usa and eurpoe [sic] as well,” Pelyva wrote.

Victoria Police have made it clear that any threats will be investigated to the fullest extent.

“We have seen a number of people charged over the past year in relation to threats directed at high-profile members of the community, including members of parliament,” a spokesperson told News Corp. “Victoria Police takes any threat against a person extremely seriously, including both online and physical threats, and will investigate incidents to the fullest extent.”

Imre Pelyva will face Dandenong Magistrates Court later this month on November 25.