While Everyone Celebrates, The Daily Telegraph’s Front Page Is Salty As Hell

Keep it classy guys.

Daily Telegraph Marriage Equality Front Page

Yesterday, the people of Australia voted overwhelmingly in favour of marriage equality. Every state and territory returned a majority Yes vote. Social media was lit up with rainbows. People were partying in the streets.

How did the team at The Daily Telegraph mark the occasion? By being crazy, crazy petty about it, of course.

Here’s what their front page looked like this morning, the day after a historic civil rights victory.

You’d think a pride flag, or a shot of the celebrations in Prince Alfred Park might be a better fit. Maybe an image of Senator Penny Wong breaking down in tears. Hell, even a photo of Malcolm Turnbull.

But no, instead they went with Al Bundy from Married with Children, the unhappiest husband in TV history. Haha, get it? Because marriage is shit. Honestly, why did same sex couples even want it?

Of course, the primary school-style trolling didn’t stop there, with the paper taking the giant “YES” that should have been on the front cover and sticking it on their back page story about the Socceroos’ victory over Honduras instead.

Classy stuff guys. Real. Classy. Stuff.

For a bit of contrast, here’s what they went with at The Australian and The Sydney Morning Herald.

That’s more like it.

The Tele‘s choice of covers saw the paper cop it on social media, which seems entirely fair enough.

On the plus side, it’s nice to see Miranda Devine has accepted the result. I’m sure the entire LGBTIQ+ community was really hanging out to hear what she had to say.

P.S. Love won.