Everybody Is Roasting Elon Musk And His Incredibly Bizarre New Tesla ‘Cybertruck’

What is going on here, exactly?

Elon Musk -- Tesla Cybertruck

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Elon Musk desperately wants to be a James Bond supervillain.

I mean, the guy spends half his time being a troll on Twitter, and the other half unveiling increasingly ludicrous uses of his fantabulous wealth.

Never mind that the guy could slash world hunger, or push companies away from fossil fuels and into renewables, thus saving the planet. Nope. All Musk wants to do is act like a pantomime baddie, get stoned on Joe Rogan, and sell people flamethrowers.

Now, Musk has taken that flair for theatricality to the next level by unveiling the ‘Cybertruck’, an astonishingly bizarre Tesla pickup, that looks like…

Well, just see for yourself.

Musk unveiled the Cybertruck to the press yesterday. During the product launch, he boasted about the thing’s speed, strength, and supposed invulnerability.

Emphasis on the ‘supposed’ there. While demonstrating the “shatterproof” windows by hucking a metal ball into them, Musk and his crony discovered that maybe the thing wasn’t quite as strong as they had believed.

But extremely breakable windows wasn’t the only problem for Musk. Hours after the thing debuted, he had to deal with the next and more savage roasting — that delivered by internet memesters.

Yep, as was probably inevitable, the internet descended upon the vehicle, and spent hours picking it to glorious pieces.

Of course, this widespread reaction to the car is exactly what the Tesla billionaire was hoping for.

After all, the guy feeds off press of literally any kind, no matter whether it’s positive or negative. I reckon he’s spent the last few hours liking all of these memes from his burner account, giggling at the best ones like an oversouped four-year-old who just can’t wait to tell his buddies the trouble that he’s caused.

Good lord. Who would have guessed that our dystopian overlords would be this, uh, tiresome?