Please Enjoy This Hero Absolutely Drenching A Reporter From ‘A Current Affair’ With A Hose

The video has gone extremely viral on Twitter.

Current Affair reporter drenched hose

Everybody knows that there are few actions as thoroughly Australian as absolutely drenching someone with a hose. Which makes this video of a young hero drenching A Current Affair reporter with a hose something akin to our national anthem.

After all, hosing someone down while they’re sticking up their hands and doing that sideways walk towards you is a part of our culture. It’s a cornerstone of the way that we collectively express ourselves as a nation, forged over years of hot summers.

This particular expression of national pride went down after A Current Affair took a trip to a suburban property for a story on quarrelling neighbours. Of course, pretty much every episode of A Current Affair ever made is about quarrelling neighbours, so this one was far from groundbreaking.

That is, until one of the neighbours decided to pull out a length of green rubber tubing, and absolutely give the reporter what for.

Every second of the video is a work of art, but special attention must be paid to the moment that the hoser decides to point the stream of water directly at the hosee’s crotch while he’s trying to have a gentle and polite conversation.

Watch it, and be awed:


Anyway, predictably, the internet has reacted with peals of joy at the video, celebrating the man as an Australian hero.

Of course, it’s worth noting that there are currently water restrictions in place around Australia. So this is one of those rare joys that shouldn’t be replicated, but instead taken for the precious and beautiful jewels that they are.