Cub Sport Enlist Every Australian Musician For An ‘Untouched’ Parody Of That ‘Imagine’ Video

Make it Australia's national anthem, you cowards.

Cub Sport enlist Vance Joy, Kira Puru and a heap more musicians for 'Untouched' parody of 'imagine'

Considering The Veronicas’ ‘Untouched’ is a long-distance anthem, it might just be Australia’s unofficial social distancing anthem. Cub Sport clearly think so, at least, enlisting the likes of Vance Joy, Montaigne, G Flip, Tkay Maidza, Ruel and a whole heap more musicians for a cover, inspired by Gal Gadot’s very (anger) stirring rendition of ‘Imagine’.

Just shy of 40 Australian musicians are involved in the a capella rendition, including Kira Puru, VLOSSOM, Ball Park Music, Eves Karydas, Cosmo’s Midnight, Allday, Odette, Lonelyspeck and Jack River.

And yes, The Veronicas themselves make an appearance, blessing us all with the energy to remain ‘Untouched’.

This is far from the only parody of Gal Gadot’s ‘Imagine’ cover, which enlisted A-list celebrities to sing lines like “imagine there’s no people” from their multi-million dollar mansions.

We’re partial to John Mayer’s piss-taking parody, but Cub Sport’s rendition gives it a run for its money. The four-piece are currently gearing up to release Like Nirvana, their fourth album — after a set of stand-alone singles, an EP and a fake face tattoo in recent months, they gave us our first taste with ‘Confessions’.

Listen to both below.