Cub Sport’s New Face Tattoo Has Everyone Freaking Out, But Is It Real?

Jack River, FlexMami, and Ball Park Music have all chimed in.

Cub Sport's Tim Nelson got a face tattoo that says 'Happy Birthday'

Yesterday marked Cub Sport frontman Tim Nelson’s 29th birthday — and to celebrate, his bandmate and husband Sam Netterfield gave him a face tattoo that reads “Happy Birthday”. Really.

Nelson’s not exactly needle-shy, but this Post Malone-esque tattoo is on another level: in Nelson’s own words, at least he’ll never forget to have a happy birthday again. Their followers instantly went into melt-down. While the image could’ve easily been fake, the accompanying video footage of Nelson getting the tat definitely wasn’t.

Jack River, FlexMami, and Ball Park Music all shared their incredulous response on Cub Sport’s instagram post, but it was Bec Sandridge who summed it up, simply writing “!!!”. The post even made it to the airwaves, with triple j’s Good Nights host Bridget Hustwaite spending a couple of mic-breaks asking people to text into ask whether people thought it was real.

So, that’s the question: is it? Well, we reached out to the band for comment, but they’re keeping mum for now, and a tweet following a dumb joke about “Decibel” being a good baby name suggests that it’s all a big troll, with Nelson writing he’ll “chill on the trolling”.

Upon close inspection of the video — and asking some heavily tattooed friends — it seems like it is real, but is probably a Henna tattoo, which tends to last a month, max. Still, that’s a long time to say ‘Happy Birthday’ to everyone you walk past.

Plus, it must have really hurt, getting it done under his eyes: given Cub Sport’s latest love ballad is called ‘I’ve Never Cried So Much In My Life’, we wonder if the meaning still stands. View the video below and make up your own mind — while you’re at it, watch their music video for their latest track, because if this is all just promo, they deserve it.