Everyone’s Making Fun Of Those Little Crusty-Eyed White Dogs Every Rich Family Had Growing Up

Why are they ALWAYS called Coco or Bella?

crusty white dog

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For the most part, dogs are cute.

You’ve got pugs, corgis, beagles, pit bulls, golden retrievers, bulldogs, dachshunds, great danes, really just some adorable breeds. But there are some that are just, objectively, the fucking worst.

At the top of this list are chihuahuas, who tend to be yappy, aggressive demon spawn. But coming in second are a breed not often spoken about, despite everyone knowing the exact dog by description alone.

When I say those fluffy white dogs with the crusty eyes, you know the exact dog I’m thinking of, right? The dogs with the crispy red eye stains or the goopy black stuff around their eye area? You know, the ones that every rich girl seemed to own growing up? That was always called ‘Bella’ or ‘Coco’ for reasons unknown? And somehow manage to live way longer than any other animal alive?

Yeah, THOSE dogs. Well, they’re usually Maltese Terriers and people are finally uniting against the little crusty-eyed pups online.

In recent weeks there has been an influx of people poking fun at the crusty, old white dogs on TikTok.

Videos about the breed having a really specific unpleasant smell, constantly stained eyes and a strange ability to continuously cheat death have continued to circulate on the app.

But the hate for the dog breed has even reached Twitter, where people are sharing their relief over others finally openly talking about their disdain for Maltese dogs.

Look, no one wants to actively hate a dog but those crusty white ones really are… a choice. According to Dog Time, Malteses are so popular because of their “gentle” but “sprightly” demeanour, which makes them perfect for kids. Plus, they’re small and hypoallergenic, so that’s another plus for those who want a dog but are wary about getting one.

But even though everyone’s insulting these crusty, fluffy white boys, those that own a Coco or Bella of their own are trying to defend their dogs on TikTok too.

So don’t worry, if you own a Maltese, you’re not alone. I mean, it would really be fucking impossible for you to be alone considering every third person owns one of them.