Everyone’s Kids Keep Trying To Marry Them In ‘Crusader Kings 3’

This game does not mess around.

Crusader Kings 3

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Crusader Kings 3 is a dense and complicated game that challenges players with the task of ruling a nation. But that’s not the impression you’d get of the game if you scrolled Twitter. If you scrolled Twitter, you’d probably think it was an incest simulator.

This is because one of the mechanics in Crusader Kings 3 involves marriage. Weddings solidify your power in all sorts of important ways, helping you form allegiances and expand your interests in new territories. You can propose to whomsoever you like. But on the flipside, people are also constantly proposing to you. Including… your children.

Yep, it’s astonishingly common to get partway through a playthrough of the game and then have your kids suddenly decide to propose to you. Worse still, it can sometimes be quite hard to say no. If you do, then you can fracture your power dynamics, and make yourself vulnerable to enemy attacks.

But if you say yes, that also sucks. Ever player as a “sanity” meter, and marrying someone you are related to depletes that.

Basically, the whole thing is a mess. Which might explain why it’s suddenly become one of the biggest memes on Twitter.

Aside from all the incest, the game is also inspiring content thanks to its complicated but fun marriage element.

Basically, the game has already revealed itself to be the high bar for insane, extremely involved strategy titles. Long live the Crusader Kings franchise, I say.

Interestingly, the game is actually currently quite hard to purchase in Australia. As excellent reporting by Kotaku has indicated, it looks like a stuff-up with the classification board has held up its wide release. But you can still nab it through Microsoft.