Princess Diana’s Awkward TV Interview In ‘The Crown’ Has Become A Glorious Meme

It's pretty faithful to the real interview, but that doesn't make it any less weird.

Princess Diana TV interview in 'The Crown' S4 inspires new meme

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Move over, mouse: the new breakout star of The Crown‘s fourth season is a short snippet from a scene where Princess Diana acts a little odd during a TV interview.

The anticipation for the fourth season of The Crown might have been at an all-time high for the show, as it’s finally reached the late ’70s and ’80s, and therefore features the People’s Princess, Lady Di, as played by Emma Corrin.

The season covers much of her life in the royal family, from first meeting future husband Prince Charles (Josh O’Connor) at age 16 to 1990, two years before their divorce — with one episode focusing on the couple’s 1983 trip to Australia, featuring Richard Roxburgh as then PM Bob Hawke.

But it’s the recreation of their first interview post announcing their engagement in 1981 that’s captured Twitter’s attention, as a camera-shy Diana doesn’t quite know how to act.

Here’s the original:

And here’s Corrin replicating Diana’s movements, in the season’s third episode, ‘Fairytale’, as first clipped and uploaded to Twitter by British DJ Wayne David.

The meme potential is obvious, and immediately took off, with the coy looks working in pretty much every context, from staring at yourself on Zoom to not-so covertly perving. Utter perfection.

Find some of our favourites below, and catch The Crown S4 on Netflix, but warning: it does feature Margaret Thatcher.