Crazy Frog Is Begging People To Stop Sending Death Threats Over Its Decision To Become An NFT

We are officially living in the worst timeline.

Crazy Frog NFT death threats

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2000’s Agent of Chaos Crazy Frog recently returned to the world to release its new single ‘Tricky’. Along with the new song, the Swedish CGI creature also announced that he is dropping a NFT music collection, too.

But it seems the naked, blue animated frog is regretting that decision because the Crazy Frog (CF) social media team is now begging fans to stop sending in death threats over their decision to move into the non-fungible token space.

“Hello, everyone… we appreciate all the valid criticism towards NFTs, sending us death threats and other nasty things to our email isn’t cool or productive,” the team behind @TrueCrazyFrog tweeted this morning. “We, the social media guys, don’t have any control over NFTs or other decisions.”

“We’re just fans of Crazy Frog like you,” the thread continued. “If you don’t like crypto, don’t buy the drops! If you do, that’s awesome.”

The thread went on to note that while not everyone on the team supported Crazy Frog’s shift into NFTs, “nobody is forcing” anyone to like every idea created.

The social media team also added that they are “allowed” to speak from “personal judgment” when expressing disapproval of promoting NFTs on the Crazy Frog account, but fans of Crazy Frog don’t seem to believe that.

Why The Hell Is Crazy Frog Making NFTs?

The NFT drama actually started last week when The Frog™️ announced that it would be dropping an official NFT music collection on Metabeats — a site that describes itself as “an NFT marketplace and digital reality platform”.

Crazy Frog plans to break into the market with this collection on December 23. But the hostility around Mr Frog’s pivot to NFTs has come mere months after the CF team warned of unofficial NFT and cryptocurrency “scams” happening online.

Back in August, the CF team set the record straight on Twitter by specifically calling out scams like Crazy Frog Coin, urging fans to “not fall for it and get ripped off”.

“Anything official in the future will be announced on the official YouTube channel, website, or this Twitter account,” the tweet read. “Please stay safe everyone!”

Why Do People Want Crazy Frog Dead?

At the time, people praised Crazy Frog for not dipping into NFTs and crypto, sharing statements like “I have an immense amount of respect for you, Crazy Frog” and “please never do NFTs Mr Frog, we love you”.

This is because NFTs are often considered to be essentially fraud, as people pay exorbitant prices for non-tangible “invisible” items as NFT assets live in the online world only. Oh, that and the fact that NFTs and cryptocurrencies have nasty environmental impacts, too.

So naturally when Crazy Frog announced that they would be cashing in on the NFT fad by creating its own version, reaction to the frog became hostile and CF accounts were immediately met with backlash — including death threats that the social media team are now speaking out against.

In response to the criticism, the CF team shared a notes app-style apology that explained that they understood why fans were upset on December 11. But the team claimed they were actually creating an NFT as a way to “truly stop [Crazy Frog scam NFTs] for good”, which did not go over well.

The immense negative reaction was also in part fuelled by Discord screenshots where admins allege they were being forced to support the NFT that only the creator of Crazy Frog (Erik Wernquist) wanted — essentially implying that Crazy Frog was being held hostage and forced to make NFTs.

“It is sad to see people on social media be like ‘please stop’, when we cannot and so we kinda try to not keep their hopes up just like we cannot ours,” one person on the CF team allegedly wrote. “The only way to stop the NFTs is to let them fail.”

“Posting about NFTs is not of any help but not posting about it will also make people talk like we are trying to put it under the rug,” they continued.

“None of the outcomes are good — we either fight the producer, fight the fans or become silent on the matter while people hear about the NFTs from other sources.”

So, Is The Crazy Frog Being Held Hostage?

In the most recent thread made by on the official Crazy Frog Twitter account, where the team asked for death threats to stop, the social team tried to soften the blow back by claiming they were never actually forced to support the NFT shift.

“Nobody is forcing us to like each other’s ideas and the producer isn’t pressuring the creators. The creator is the producer,” the social media team said. “He’s in charge and we just follow. Please stop spreading this myth, as it’s blatantly untrue.”

“Everyone has a say in the brand matters, however the higher-ups have still decided to go forward with the project,” they continued. “Not all of us agree and we may sometimes express disapproval promoting it.

“We are allowed to do so and we have been only speaking from our own personal judgment.”

The team also allude to the viral Discord comments by saying that they had “comparatively much less information regarding CF’s future ventures” when comments were made and claimed that the Crazy Frog NFT is actually much better for the environment than regular NFTs because it will use Delegated Proof of Stake (DPoS) validation.

But even with the further clarification and alleged reduced environmental impact, people still aren’t happy that the creator of Crazy Frog is basically forcing our beloved naked, CGI amphibian into making NFTs.

What an unbelievably cursed timeline we live in.