Ocean Spray Just Bought The Viral Fleetwood Mac Skater A Car Full Of Cranberry Juice

Good things happen to good people.

Doggface208 video cranberry juice Fleetwood Mac

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A few weeks ago, TikTok user Doggface208 — real name Nathan Apodaca — posted a video of himself sailing down a street, knocking back cranberry juice and singing ‘Dreams’ by Fleetwood Mac. A matter of days later, he had become a viral hero.

The video is just so downright charming — full of a singularly calming, wholesome energy — that it was inevitable that it took over the entirety of the internet. I mean, I’m sure you’ve seen it by now, but why not watch it again, just to get yourself into that special place that only this video can take you to:

It’s also very easy to replicate, meaning that Apodaca’s unbeatable OG clip has spawned a small army of imitators — including, weirdly, some pumpkin-headed dude. Oh, and also Fleetwood Mac drummer Mick Fleetwood himself.

Since his video took over the internet, Apodaca has been the subject of a number of great profiles, none better than the one published by the LA Times. In it, the viral star reveals that he works as a potato bagger at a factory with his father, and that he has two young girls. “We’ve been working ever since the pandemic, getting potatoes out to whoever needs them,” Apodaca has said.

He’s also something of an all-round G — the man also works as a firefighter, loves to embroider, and generally comes off as the sweetest viral star in quite some time.

Which is why it’s such wonderful news that he’s made thousands of dollars off donations, and that Ocean Spray — the brand of cranberry juice that he can be seen drinking in the viral video — has bought him a car, full of juice.

You can watch the video of Apodaca first having the car unveiled to him here — but be warned, it might hit you in the feels.

Shortly after the viral hero was gifted the car, he responded in his now distinctive way. He made a TikTok about it.

Sometimes nice things do in fact happen to good people.