Craig Kelly Doesn’t Care That Everyone Is Furious About His Spam Texts

"When Craig Kelly slides into your DMs 😩"

Craig Kelly Text

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Craig Kelly has made everyone’s lockdown worse by sending out political spam texts across the country since Friday. “You can never trust the Liberals, Labor or Greens again,” the unsolicited grey bubbles read, with an authorisation from the independent MP.

When probed over his annoying messages, he told the Sydney Morning Herald he was “absolutely not” sorry, and what he was doing was “100 percent legal”.

Kelly, a known climate change denier and COVID misinformation super-spreader, recently jumped ship to Clive Palmer’s United Australia Party, after ditching the Coalition back in February for the crossbench.

“The crude reality is that I’ll have greater resources [with the United Australia Party],” Kelly said about being bankrolled by Palmer’s multimillion-dollar donations — money that will inevitably fund more annoying comms.

The United Australia Party is known for its icky “Make Australia Great Again” slogan, Palmer’s dangerous anti-vaccination propaganda, garish billboards, and ominous policies that not even his own supporters can really pinpoint.

This isn’t even the first time the UAP has spammed the nation with annoying texts. Back in 2019, a similar message left millions of people confused as to how Palmer got their number in the first place when they never opted in. That same year, the party also ironically sent out texts promising to ban unsolicited political messages if elected.

The Australian Communications and Media Authority said they were aware of the texts, but nothing could be done.

“Messages from political parties, independent members of parliament (phone calls only), government bodies and registered charities are exempt from most spam and telemarketing rules,” they tweeted on Friday.

Annoyed phone-owners have let off steam by replying back, giving Kelly and Palmer a piece of their mind, even if they never see it.